Business Profile

Indonesiaís Leading Hybrid Seed Producer

Established in 1983, PT BISI International Tbk (BISI/ The Company) is Indonesiaís largest producer of hybrid seeds for corn, rice and horticulture, a major Indonesian producer of pesticides and a distributor of fertilizer. The Companyís head office is located in Sidoarjo, East Java, with its plants located in Kediri, East Java.

The Company was founded by the Charoen Pokphand Group, and has an operating track record of more than 25 years. Today, BISI maintains a nationwide operational footprint for research and development, production, marketing, distribution and sales.

BISI has three subsidiaries; PT Multi Sarana Indotani (MSI) which manufactures pesticides, PT Tanindo Subur Prima (TSP) which distributes and markets the imported horticulture seeds and PT Tanindo Intertraco (Tinco) which distributes and markets the products of MSI and the Company.

BISI and its subsidiaries focus their operations in the following business activities:

  • Production of primary field crop hybrid seeds which includes hybrid corn and rice seeds that provide farmers with significantly higher yields.

  • Production of horticulture seeds which includes vegetable and fruit seeds such as: chili, cucumber, eggplant, tomato, pumpkin, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, long bean, spinach, honeydew, watermelon and others.

  • Production of pesticides as well as sales of specialty fertilizers.

BISIís leadership in the Indonesian seed market has been driven by strong R&D initiatives that have produced high quality hybrid seeds trusted by Indonesian farmers for more than two decades.

Research and development is conducted across 12 research farms, which have a total area of 231 hectares. They are strategically located in the main farming regions of Indonesia, to develop new higher yielding commercially viable hybrid varieties for introduction across the country. Our success has been, and will continue to be, ensured by our ability to consistently breed hybrid seeds that exceed the four basic agricultural parameters, namely yield, edible quality, adaptability, and disease resistance. Additional criteria that determine the success of these hybrid varieties are their pest resistance properties, shorter harvest periods and minimal fertilizer needs.

For developing seeds locally, BISI has been awarded the Satya Lencana Medal, the nationís highest civilian medal that is bestowed upon an individual or institution for exceptional services to the nation.

In addition, BISI is the first national seed company to have received government accreditation for self-labeling its own seed products. Which allows BISI to sell its seeds directly to the market, avoiding time-consuming government testing of its products.

In addition to being a hybrid seed breeder, BISI is also engaged in other upstream agricultural activities which include agro-chemicals and fertilizer distribution. These products offer crop protection during the farming cycle and help maximize the potential of the seed for farmers.

BISI is firmly anchored and driven by a common goal: to serve Indonesian farmers, large and small, by providing them with easy and affordable access to high yielding hybrid field crop and horticultural seeds, carefully formulated agrochemicals and the latest agronomic skills and expertise to ensure optimum harvests. BISI is currently the largest producer of hybrid seeds for corn, rice and horticulture in Indonesia. We are also a major producer of pesticides and a distributor of specialty fertilizer.

BISIís strength in research and development, production, distribution marketing and sales best positions us to capitalize on the abundant opportunities in the Indonesian seed industry. Since May 2007, BISI has listed its shares on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.